Mission Statement

I want a clean website with nice structure and hierarchy that best represents me and my portfolio.  I want to have clear imagery and nice photographed product shots of my work.  There should be interesting flow throughout the site with a nice contact page that tells people about me and how to reach me.  The use of typography is essential for the site because I am presenting myself as a graphic designer for hire.



I’ve been told that I don’t need to learn HTML

Don’t believe everything you’re told. People who say HTML knowledge is unnecessary usually either have another agenda (e.g. wanting to sell you software) or don’t understand the reality of web design. Ask the opinions of experienced web designers — although some will say you can get by without it, the vast majority will recommend that you learn it.

I don’t have time to learn HTML

It usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes to understand the basics. Within a couple of hours you can be making simple but complete websites. If you’re willing to spend a little time learning each week for a few months you can gain a very good understanding of how websites work. This investment of time will pay off many times over. Think of it like this — every hour you spend learning this week will save you an hour per month forever. Although the payback starts slowly you end up taking a fraction of the time to get your work done.

Writing HTML is too slow

This is a common source of confusion but it is actually irrelevant. In most cases you don’t need to write HTML code, you just need to understand it.

I have a great WYSIWYG editor so I don’t need HTML

There’s nothing wrong with good WYSIWYG software — it enables you to work more efficiently. As mentioned, the point is not that you should be manually typing HTML code, but that you should understand how HTML works.

An analogy: A nail gun will help you build a house much faster than a hammer, but if you don’t know how to construct the framing and where to position the nails, your house is likely to fall down.

Learn how to construct HTML manually, then use WYSIWYG tools to work faster.

Side note: There will always be times when you need to tweak HTML manually. WYSIWYG editors will never be perfect.

I’m not good at learning computer languages

You don’t have to be. HTML is not a programming language — it’s much simpler than that*. On a scale of difficulty it’s more like the “secret codes” that children play with. The thing that makes it harder is that there’s so much of it to learn, but remember — you don’t have to learn it all! Just learn as much as you feel comfortable with, at your own pace.

Do not confuse time-consuming with difficult. HTML is time-consuming to learn, but it is not difficult. Also, you don’t need to learn the whole language — even spending a few hours learning the basic structure will help immensely.

Isn’t HTML obsolete?

No. It is true that other languages are evolving and will probably replace HTML eventually, but HTML will continue to form the basis of virtually all websites for a very long time. In any case, HTML will give you a solid grounding before taking on new languages such as XML.

HTML is too limiting for my purposes

If your purpose is to create a web page, then sorry, but HTML is the standard. Love it or hate it, it’s what the web is made of. If you really want to deliver in another format (e.g. PDF), that’s fine. Just be aware that it’s not a web page you’re making so don’t expect it to work like one.


Why HTML Sucks

HTML is supposed to be superior? A way to do nice formatting and "mark up" of
text and images for browsers right? What exactly is a "mark up" language? Well,
HTML tag designers gave us 'pre' tags for a reason. Because they are ignorant. 

Proof in the form of a challenge:

Without using tables, or 'pre' tags: give me a single line that will align three
words; "one" left justified, "two" center justified, and "three" right
justified. The line must be under 80 characters or I could do it with spaces. It
needs to work for my Netscape 3.04 on Win95. Before you bitch, I could load
Netscape .96 beta (installed because it is much faster than 3.04) and make that
a qualification. Fact is, many people still use 3.x. If you are really good,
this will work fine in LYNX too. I refuse to run MSIE or I would make a standard
version of that a challenge as well. [Addendum: Since so many people told me
this was trivial in NS 4.x, I told them it had to work for us 3.x types.  That
means it needs to work in BOTH 3.x and 4.x. I say this because one person
claimed to have come up with a solution but said it didn't work in 4.x .. funny,
he and half a dozen others have CLAIMED to solve this, yet no one has mailed me
the code.]

It is sad that two channels full of hackers, HTML designers, and hobbyists 
couldn't figure this out. More sad is that flat ascii and any text editor 
can do this while HTML can't with its native tags. There is no reason in the
world why a table should be needed for such a simple formatting, one that
the tag designers TRIED to implement.

HTML Sucks